Oggi ci allontaniamo da Cividale e i suoi dintorni per arrivare a Trieste e raccontarvi un piatto tipico della loro tradizione: le patate in tecia. La cucina triestina rispecchia la realtà storica e umana di Trieste che ha accolto per secoli le genti e le tradizioni culinarie più diverse.
Vittorio Podrecca was the creator of the largest puppet theater of the entire twentieth century. The company he directs, "Il Teatro dei Piccoli", has since its creation in 1914 constituted an innovative hypothesis of theater capable of reaping triumphs all over the world.
Throughout Friuli, at aperitif time it is traditional to drink a "Taj di ros" or a "Taj di blanc" at the osteria. Every Friulian has a habit of whetting their appetite in the hours leading up to lunch or dinner with a glass of wine sipped along with some taste of Friulian delicacies.
It is pleasant to retrace the historical and artistic events that have shaped the appearance and soul of our town, because the riches of this corner of Friuli are little gems just waiting to be admired. One of these is the National Archaeological Museum.
Whether fried or cooked in salted water and then seasoned with butter, sugar and cinnamon, these cute crescent-shaped ravioli are a real institution of good Cividalese eating and a temptation for those who have never tried them, especially for their small size.
Piazza Paolo Diacono is the living room and the heart of Cividale, embraced by historic buildings, it is the center of the history of the discovery of the Lombards, thanks to the discovery of the sarcophagus and the treasure of Duke Gisulfo at a depth of about two meters, now exhibited at the Archaeological Museum National.
I am sure that a territory can be tasted when someone is able to condense nuances, aromas and colors on the plate. And this is exactly what you feel when you let yourself indulge in the scent of Prosciutto San Daniele DOP.
To access the Monastery and the Lombard Temple, you have to cross the small Church of San Giovanni in Valle. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and is the second most important church after the city cathedral. Its origin is within the Lombard Gastaldaga
To animate the Easter period in Cividale in an original way, is the Truc, a playful tradition of ancient practice in the squares, dating back to at least the eighteenth century, according to a manuscript preserved in the museum of Cividale ...
I love to walk, and my 10 Km have become an almost daily constant; in these long walks through the meadows, my gaze comes across oases of aromatic herbs that remind me of the days spent with my grandmother picking Sclopit, Dandelion, Chives and Fennel.

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