Farie Geretti and Strait of Judaica

The “Farie Geretti” is a small historical jewel: a blacksmith's shop, the latest example of a rich and long Cividale artisan tradition. Art and craftsmanship here were handed down from generation to generation as happened in the twentieth century with the Jacolutti, the Moschioni and indeed the Gerettis. From his father Pietro, Antonio Geretti inherited the business and initially learned the art of working metal with creativity and attention to technical tradition, and then refined his skills by attending the School of Arts and Crafts of the Mutual Aid and Education Workers' Society of Cividale. In Geretti's blacksmith's shop, various products were worked with extreme care, from those related to construction and living (gates, grates, locks), to small objects of daily use such as copper buckets (Cialdirs in the Friulian language), Cocumis ( coffee containers), but also artistic objects such as candelabras, signs, small sculptures. The Farie Geretti has a particular value for the memory and knowledge of Cividale: just look out the windows and enter the shop to see all the objects preserved there as evidence of all the processing phases: from the conception, to the plaster casts, to punches, to a series of iron and copper works.
Le Farie Geretti can be visited throughout the summer, every Saturday, Sunday and holidays at the following times:
morning 10-13
afternoon 3-7pm free entry


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