Walk on mount Planino and Kot Waterfalls sightseeing

We will walk on one of the last meadows in the Natisone river valleys, which hosts a rich biodiversity, nowadays harder and harder to see...

from 75.00

Walk among mount Kolovrat's trenches

We will begin our walk in front of the monument remembering the first Italian soldier who lost his life during World War I. Along what was the front of the "Caporetto break through" we will commemorate Field Marshal Rommel's deeds and step...

from 75.00

Wax and Soul

Are you curious to see how jewels are made? With this experience you will enter a real goldsmith's workshop and you will be able to set free your creativity by taking the first steps in the production of a lombard ornament, starting at the very beginning.. its wax mould.

from 59.00

Wine is pleasure

The day will be spent savoring and discovering one of the excellences of our territory: WINE You will enter in the heart of this family run business and your senses will be carried away by the smells and the flavors that this amazing product will convey to you.

from 45.00

Mani in pasta

GUBANA is considered to be our region’s most representative sweet. It has become famous in 1400, when it was served in Cividale, during a visit of Pope Gregory XII.

from 55.00


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