Devil's Bridge Legend

"Legend has it that during the Middle Ages the inhabitants of Cividale had tried many times to build a bridge that could connect the two banks of the river Natisone without any luck. It is so that the mayor of the city, desperate, cried out loud:" If only we could build this bridge I would sell my soul to the Devil". And there the Devil himself appeared in front of him and said: "If you want this bridge so badly I can have it done by tomorrow morning. But in exchange for my work I want the first soul that crosses the bridge to be mine!" The mayor accepted the offer and the Devil returned to hell to get ready. That night terrible sounds came from the river, lightnings and thunders and a huge bang, caused by the Devil's mother who carried an enormous stone that was needed to build the bridge. At dawn the people of Cividale gathered to see the new bridge. But they were terrified when they realized that on top of the great new bridge stood the Devil, waiting for its prize. Nobody dared to cross the bridge and so the people began to bless the bridge and sing sacred hymns,waiting to see who would be sacrificed. Then all of a sudden a furry animal crossed the bridge and entered the Devil's bag. It was a cat. The Devil was furious, he had been tricked by the mayor and wanted to destroy the bridge. Fortunately the bridge had already been blessed and so the Devil had no more power over it. Filled with rage the Devil threw himself back to hell through a hole that is found behind the hill of Castelmonte and that is still called "Devil's Hole".


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