If you are wondering what Cjarsons are, it is easy to say: they are a dish of the Carnic gastronomic tradition with a Central European flavor. They have a surprising flavor, that differs from ravioli both in the filling and in the pasta. The dough is made with potatoes and is folded in the shape of a crescent with jagged edges, and the filling is made of wild herbs, raisins, potatoes, ricotta, cinnamon and other spices. These particular combinations make them a dish perfectly balanced between sweet and savory taste. They are cooked in boiling water and seasoned with melted butter and smoked ricotta.

In past centuries, when it was not possible to find butter, the product used was “ont”, a product obtained by the boiling of butter as to obtain something that would last for a long time. The water present evaporated and the golden yellow (Ont) surface was collected and stored in jars.

An ancient legend of Carnia says that long long ago, Guriut, a very greedy elf, was surprised by an hostess while stealing the cream that was starting to emerged from the freshly milked milk. The elf, repentant, decided to compensate the woman by teaching her the recipe for Cjarsons.

But the origin of this dish is linked to the Cramars, ancient hawkers of spices. Starting in the 1700s, they crossed the Alps on foot to sell their precious merchandise purchased in Venice and stored in the Crassigne, small wooden drawers that they carried as a backpack on their shoulders in the Germanic countries. When they returned home, a big feast was held, and the women prepared the Cjarsons with what was left over and could be used in the kitchen. In this way precious ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are intertwined with the flavors of tradition and have been handed down to this day.

If you come to Cividale we advise you to taste them at the restaurant "Al Monastero", in the city center, in addition to this dish you can find traditional Friulian dishes paired with excellent wines from our lands ...


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