Spadone Mass

The celebration held in Cividale every 6th of January in the local cathedral is called “Messa dello Spadone” which translates as “ Big Sword’s mass” . It is a unique event that dates back to 1366, year in which the Patriarch Marquardo of Randeck initiated it to affirm his spiritual and temporal power over the Friulian land. The suggestive mass is celebrated in Latin and is accompanied by chants (Aquileian chants) typical of the events celebrating the Patriarch. 3 symbolic historic objects are used during the mass:

a feathered helmet

an ancient silver plated Gospel book

a 109cm long rapier sword

 The priest re-enacts the historic event, and while wearing the helmet and holding the Gospel book, he cuts through the air with the sword as a blessing sign. At the end of the mass there is the historic parade in medieval costumes, with more than 100 people attending.


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