“Tajut” and the traditional rite behind a glass of wine

Throughout Friuli, during the aperitif hour it is traditional to drink a "Taj di ros" a glass of red wine or a "Taj di blanc"a glass of white wine at the tavern. It is not clear where the term Tajut comes from, and on this numerous hypotheses have been made. Some argue that it was the sign made on the glass indicating "the right measure" of wine that was bestowed by the host. Others say that the wine had to be cut ( -> cut = taja) with water to decrease the alcohol content to lend itself to a great drink. Another opinion is that the alcohol contained in wine was used to disinfect water, which in ancient times was too polluted.

Ordering a glass of wine in a Friulian tavern is one of the most profound, traditional and characteristic customs of our region. Every Friulian has a habit of whetting their appetite in the hours leading up to lunch or dinner with a glass of wine sipped along with some taste of Friulian delicacies. Tajut is often accompanied by canapés or breadsticks with "Persut crud" (raw ham definitely from San Daniele), and by some "Toc di formadi" (cheese chips), it is also easy to find meatballs, slices of cotechino accompanied with toasted polenta, and croutons with lard or ham and kren.

The Friulian taverns are a symbol of our territory, characterized by the stubbornness and experience of the host who always tries to offer the customers the best quality. And quality standards date back to ancient times, when in year 500, the Municipal Council of Udine appointed eight public officials who, in addition to decreeing the prices for the merchandise, were in charge of testing the quality of the products intended for the city’s taverns, tasting in the "Piazza del Vino", today Piazza Libertà, the wines that would fill the customers' Tajuts.

The traditional glass of wine in a Friulian tavern therefore is always of good quality, and this is thanks to the fact that the production always remains highly traditional, being handled personally by the winemakers.

And now as they say in Friulian taverns when you are about to sip your own Tajut: “SALUT”.


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