Domenis Distillery 1898

It was 1898 when Pietro Domenis, using a secret and ancient production method, distilled various raw materials: white and red marc and fruits. The resulting grappa had particular and superior organoleptic characteristics that differentiated it from all the other distillates of the period.

Starting from that, thanks to the richness our territory’s produce and the wisdom in the art of distillation, he laid the foundations of what today, after 4 generations, is a thriving company.

Pietro was a perfect master distiller and in a few years the distillery was among the main companies in the province of Udine. His teachings and his secrets for producing fine spirits were passed on to Emilio who, thanks to the passion for his work and love for our land, have profoundly influenced subsequent generations.

The three sons of Emilio, Pietro, profound connoisseur of the product, always in search for an ever better quality; Silvano, who is the founder and president of the Consortium for the Protection of Friulian Grappa for 25 years, has been able to translate his brother's experience into innovative projects and processes in the distillation plant; Dino, a connoisseur of the market, has developed a sales network that covers the entire Italian territory and has stimulated the production of an even more exclusive grappa "La Storica".

After 124 years, the fourth generation is represented by Cristina who continues to keep this great company alive.

Each generational change has made it possible to enhance tradition and triggering innovations. The result is an increased knowledge of the production process and of the raw materials used that make this grappa a well known product around the country.

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Domenis 1898:

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